COVID Care Pack

COVID Care Pack
COVID Care Pack
COVID Care Pack
COVID Care Pack
Care pack hampers that are filled with our Australian handcrafted skincare. The perfect gift for someone special (including yourself). Includes a card with the option to include a message, a lip balm, a soap from our everyday range, a hand and body cream or balm, a face clay mask bar, a round soap, and the option to include face mask fragrance spray.
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With the state of the world (despite the reduction of COVID in our communities), we are aware that many people are struggling socially, mentally, financially, and physically. This makes gifting, self-care, checking in on others, kindness, and appreciation are extremely important. To help, we have put together some care packs that provide things to help try make someone's day a little brighter.  These can be sent as a personal treat for yourself, or as a gift to another. 

Each care-pack includes:

*An Everyday Soap : Saving skin from pathogens laying on the surface. All available gift packs available contain a vegan-friendly soap. 

*A Lip Balm: Saving lips from being dry and cracked.

*A Cream or Balm: Saving hands from the damage of excessive hand washing and sanitising. Perfect for use throughout the day and night.

A Calendula + Jojoba Kaolin Clay Mask:  Saving pores from congestion. Kaolin can remove excess sebum from your face, without stripping your skin of all natural oils.

A Hand Soap of random scent and colour: Saving the world from running out of soap. 

*A Face-Mask Spray or Room Spray: Saving bad smells from reaching the mask-wearer or room.

*Products are randomly selected and may vary from image. 

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