Care Pack

Care Pack
Care Pack
Care Pack  In 2020, COVID hit and it left everyone at Urthly Organics feeling mentally drained, a...
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Care Pack 

In 2020, COVID hit and it left everyone at Urthly Organics feeling mentally drained, anxious, and helpless. Our feelings were shared by others across Australia and the world. With our mental health so low, we thought up the idea of a care pack focussed on ensuring people felt connected, supported, and nourished. And the result warmed our hearts. We cried while reading messages of love, hope, and kindness that were going to people all over Australia. 

This year, we were aiming to bring our care packs back in a less COVID-focussed version. We know that everyone needs lifting up. To help you feel connected to your loved ones you cannot see or haven't seen for a while, we have thoughtfully prepared our care packs with products hand-selected for nourishment in the changing world. For self-care, gifting, or a random act of kindness, each pack includes:

  • Hand and Body Cream: To save your skin from frequent sanitisation and the drying effects of our climate.
  • A Handcrafted Everyday Soap: To save you from sickness. Soap is one of our greatest defences for pathogens. 
  • A Lip Balm: To save your lips from drying during these cold winter months and the drying effects of having to wear a mask.. 
  • A Facial Cleansing Soap: To cleanse your skin of everyday germs and save your face from mask related irritation and skin break-outs. 
  • A Card: To save your soul and bring a smile to your face. Leave a note in the comments at checkout if you would like us to include a message for you. We are even happy to write a special note from us to you. 
  • An Affirmation: To save your mind from forgetting that you are loved and an amazing person.
  • A little bit of Gift Wrapping: To save you any further stress or hassle of compiling a gift. You can sit back and relax. 

We hope you can enjoy spreading kindness with ethical products. Much love to you all.


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