Limerick Soap

Limerick Soap

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Limited edition ‘Limerick Soap’

Each month we lovingly produce a special soap that we donate to a local shelter here in Bendigo Victoria. It enables us to give to our community. By making a special soap it also allows us to try creative ideas and feeds our thirst for variety.
Normally we don’t sell these soaps but we’ve decided to spare a few as the demand to want to purchase one has been overwhelming!!.
So be quick as these are limited edition, will not be made again, smell amazing and look superb.

ingredients; saponified oils (olive, coconut, sunflower, cocoa butter, Shea butter), essential oils (line, bergamot, cedar wood, lavender), natural plant colouring (indigo, alkanet).

Packaged in a stunning green patterned cardboard box. 100g minimum packed weight.

plastic free, palm free

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