Australian Outback *charity soap

Australian Outback *charity soap

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Limited Edition

Every month we donate 90 soaps to a local charity organisation in Bendigo. These soaps vary, creating some soaps that we do not have within our usual collection. 

Our *charity-soap combinations have been met with popularity beyond our organisations, with many of our customer base wanting to 'nab' a bar. So we put out a limited number of these soaps for you to purchase, with every one of our limited bars directly contributing to covering the ingredients of the next batch of 90 soaps.

The bar of limited edition soap you buy amounts to 9 soaps donated for a local organisation to distribute to vulnerable individuals in the Bendigo community.

This soap is the Tri-colour Australian Outback soap.

Handcrafted with love using saponified oils (olive, coconut, sunflower, cocoa butter, shea butter), essential oil (tea tree, basil, aniseed, petitgrain), Australian red clay, turmeric, charcoal.


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