Source: Teen Vogue. 2022.' Woke-Washing: What Is It and How Does It Affect the Fashion Industry?'. Teen Vogue.

Planet before Profit: Tips to shop Ethically this Christmas

Greenwashing and woke-washing are aimed at creating a commercial gain, while not making real contributions to the causes. Common examples include companies supporting ‘empowering women’ while actively exploiting women in their factories to make a product. Other greenwashing can include using ‘organic cotton’ to be ‘environmentally friendly,’ while polluting waterways with the waste.  

At Christmas time, we can be inundated by everything. Gift giving, events, preparing for holidays and working all impact our ability to be on the lookout for misleading information. Especially when bombarded by messages encouraging excess consumption that ramp up around this time. Which creates the question, how do we avoid greenwashing and woke-washing this Christmas?


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