Urthly Organics has over 20+ years of soapmaking experience. It’s no wonder that we are best known for our range of Australian handcrafted soap. Nourishing on the skin and gentle on the environment.


Cut out the single-use commercial cleaning products. Find your next environmentally friendly household product instead. Urthly Organics offers cleaning products with repurposed or recyclable packaging. Kind to nature but tough on grime.


In four of our signature essential oil blends, bath bombs are the perfect way to de-stress, pamper, and look after yourself. Especially in the winter months when a hot bath feels even better than usual. Luxurious on the skin and easy on the planet


Need a gift for a special someone or occasion? Choose sustainable and environmentally conscious with Urthly Organics’ range of cards, pre-wrapped gifts, bundles, and more. All of our gifting products and services are created with quality care and attention to detail. Considerate of our patrons and compassionate to the world.

Warehouse Location:

Shed 4,

7 Matchett Drive,

Strathdale, Victoria.

M: +61 409 235 894


Local Pick-Up and Purchase Available

Monday - Thursday
10am - 5pm
Friday- Sunday

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