Is Urthly Organics Australian-owned and operated?

Yes! We are a small business that is Australian-owned and operated. 

Where are products made?

Our products are made mostly by us at our warehouse in East Bendigo. For all of the products we don't make ourselves, we still aim to source as locally as possible. 

Does Urthly Organics sell wholesale?

Yes. If you are interested in wholesale, please send us a message with your name, location, ABN, and a small bit about your business/organisation/needs. We will then supply you with more information.

What products are safe for pregnant women?

Most of our products are safe for pregnant women. Please contact us directly if you are unsure so we can direct you to the safest option for what you're after. We also highly encourage people to seek advice from a medical professional before use as well.

Does Urthly Organics offer refills and packaging-free options?

Of course! We always take in UO product packaging to recycle or refill. For refills, we ask you to ensure that the packaging is cleaned properly after use (if applicable). For glass jars, we will not refill broken or damaged packaging (we will instead recycle the jar). You can drop off packaging at our warehouse, at our market stalls, or by mailing packaging back. 

Also, we can send the majority of our range without product packaging and shipping paper. If you would like to receive no product packaging, leave a note on your order. For orders that want no shipping paper and padding, we will try to pack your order as best as possible to reduce damage in transport. However, we cannot provide the same guarantees for distribution as traditionally packaged products. 

How long will my product last?

This varies based on location, lifestyle, weather, storage, and other factors. Please visit our blog for further information.

My soap doesn't last long or goes slimy. What should I do?

Soap longevity varies based on location, lifestyle, weather, storage, and other factors. Please visit our blog for further information.

What product is best for my skin type?

 Please give us a call if you are struggling with skin. This is a broad area that can be impacted by skin conditions and more. By having a conversation directly with you, we can help direct you to products we believe may work. Most of our products suit normal to dry/sensitive skin.

Why doesn't Urthly Organics make [insert product idea here]?

 At Urthly Organics, we are a small business. This limits our capacity to make as much as a commercial manufacturer due to funds, storage, time, and more. We aim to make as much product possible to cater for a range of needs. If you have a suggestion, please let us know. We just cannot guarantee it is a viable option for us as a business.

Where is Urthly Organics stocked?

You can view our stockist list here 

Are there bulk discounts on products?

We do not offer bulk buy discounts. As a small business, we aim to ensure our pricing is fair, affordable, and keeps us afloat. This means we cannot heavily discount products. 

How do Urthly Organics’ products affect the environment?

Urthly Organics aims to produce an as minimal impact on the environment as possible. We offer products with a range of purposes, but always with the planet in mind. Some of focusses include:

  • Certified Palm Free and Palm Oil Investigations endorsed
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Vegan options
  • Septic Safe and compost toilet safe
  • Buying ingredients locally to reduce transport emissions.
  • Refill and recycling available.
  • Ensuring low waste production and products.
  • Most products can be composted.

And much more.

We also do not believe it is ethical to greenwash any practice or product we sell. As we want to remain transparent and focused on how we can do more. So if you have any concerns, ideas, or need assistance regarding a specific ingredient or product, please contact us via the store form.

What payment options are available?

We offer card payments (including AMEX), Afterpay, Google Pay, Shop Pay, and PayPal.

Does Urthly Organics ship internationally?

Yes. However, we recommend checking your country's quarantine list before purchasing to ensure our products are allowed. Additional costs for shipping internationally apply.  

How can I view products containing the same scent be found together on the website?

The search bar on our website will provide all products that are linked to whatever term/s placed in this section.

Does Urthly Organics have products that are in the same essential oil blends as the bath bombs?

 Urthly Organics makes occasion-based skincare that uses our signature bath bomb blends. These include the UO Pets, puck packs, heart packs, and many more.

Does Urthly Organics make gifts?

 Urthly Organics can make your order into a gift. Please just leave a note at checkout. If you’d like the present to be wrapped, we ask is that you purchase gift wrapping for this service to help cover the cost of excess packaging.  We also stock pre-wrapped gifts that are carefully curated for a range of occasions.

Can I buy essential oils and soap-making ingredients from Urthly Organics?

 Yes. Essential oils and soap ingredients can be purchased. Please email hello@urthlyorganics.com for further information.

Does Urthly Organics hold soapmaking classes?

No. Urthly Organics does not have permission to run soap-making classes due to insurance purposes.

A store or market hasn't stocked the product I'm after. What should I do?

Markets and stores have varying stock levels and availability. These also may operate as separate entities from the business of Urthly Organics. Please visit our online store or warehouse to buy direct. *

* We are unable to stock sold out, removed, or clearance items without approval.

Can I buy directly from the Urthly Organics warehouse?

Absolutely! We love visitors and are happy to allow people to buy directly from our warehouse. 

How can I keep up to date with what's happening at Urthly Organics?

Sign up for our mailing list. We send a monthly newsletter out each month with all the goings-on at UO HQ. And we do not spam (we promise!)

Is UO certified Organic?

In using small businesses and farm for ingredients, we are unable to receive certification. This is due to the costs these small entities would have to pay to apply, which isn't viable in many cases. We aim to source as organically as possible, and are happy to provide further information on supply chains or how an ingredient was sourced. In choosing to not certify, we increase accessibility for small suppliers who are sustainable rather than supporting commercial suppliers that may need less support from our patronage. Instead of certification, we pledge transparency across our entire product range. Just contact us.  

Don't see your question here? Send us an email at hello@urthlyorganics.com.au