Our Impact 2021-22

Impact. Artist: J.McKenzie, 2021.


With over 20+ years in the soap-making industry, Urthly Organics’ mission is to put planet before profit to ensure a sustainable future for the social and natural world. Attempting to remain at the forefront of sustainable skincare and cleaning, we are thoughtful about our impacts physically, environmentally, and socially. Our mindfulness as a business allows you to relax knowing that what you are choosing is ethical.

Within our service, we are values driven. We are committed to ensuring we maintain our responsibilities to what we consider 'right' and 'necessary'. Our values are:

Providing a quality craft;

Improving sustainability of our business and natural world;

Ensuring a personalised approach to service;

Supporting the local and small business community

To ensure we remain within our commitment to our values, we proudly offer the following options for products and services:

Palm Free and Palm Oil Investigations endorsed


Australian Owned

Offer vegan options

Supporting Local Farmers

Small Business

Sustainable and Environmentally Focused

Community-Support Focused

Socially Responsible

Low Waste producing business

Within these values, we believe that action speak louder than words. To ensure you have piece of mind knowing what you contribute to is ethical, here are some things Urthly Organics achieved throughout 2021:

*This is a conservative value and does not include market, third-party, or warehouse-direct sales.

22 New products released (not including variants). 

19 Customer positive product reviews on our website. Zero negative reviews.

853 trees planted to neutralise our carbon footprint. 

981.9 Smart phones charged from offset emissions. 

$100+  to the Thin Green Line Foundation.*

$3,680+ to Ellis Park Wildlife Sanctuary.*

6 General Waste Bins (smallest available size,140L) produced over the entire year. That is 1 every 8-9 weeks and significantly less than the general household or business produces.

3 Orangutans sponsored. 

32+ Covid-Care packs sold, spreading personalised kindness to others.*

1080 Soaps donated to local charity organisations. 

1 Climate Conversation held to better the local community to be Climate resilient. 

1 New employee was hired from the local community. 

2 Products became single-use plastic free.

0 Single-use plastic in product packing. 

8 Bulk products sold in repurposed containers (such as former yoghurt tubs).*

75%+ Increase in customers returning product packing for refills and recycling.

2 Finalist Nominations for awards (winner announcements currently postponed due to coronavirus). 1 Honourable mention (The WorkSafe Awards). And 5 total award nominations across sustainability, mental health, and community engagement.  

2 New approaches to reducing soap and product wastage (No Earth B Clearance Sales, and our Halloween Pets). 

5 Updated Urthly Organics Policies to improve transparency and integrity. 

*This is a conservative value and does not include market, third-party, or warehouse-direct sales.

Plus much more. We cannot put all of the impacts into quantitative values. However, we hope you know that your support is what creates this impact. Your support of our small business made change possible. Thank you for supporting Urthly Organics and for putting planet before profit. 

With your ongoing assistance, we aim to provide the following over the course of 2022:

4 or Less General Waste Bins (small size) emptied throughout the year. That means one bin produced every 13+ weeks. 

1 Product transformed into a zero plastic alternative. 

30% Increase in customers returning product packing for refills, re-using, and recycling. 

1080 Soaps donated to local charity organisations. 

Plus, much more. Our goals will continue to grow over the year. 

We hope this provides you with understanding of how we are changing the skincare and cleaning product game for good. If you'd like further information or wish to provide feedback, please read to our Code of Ethics or email hello@urthlyorganics.com.au . For more information on our past year impacts, click here