Our Impact 2020-21

planet over profit

With over 20+ years in the soap-making industry, Urthly Organics’ mission is to put planet before profit to ensure a sustainable future for the social and natural world. Attempting to remain at the forefront of sustainable skincare and cleaning, we are thoughtful about our impacts physically, environmentally, and socially. Our mindfulness as a business allows you to relax knowing that what you are choosing is ethical.

Within our service, we are values driven. We are committed to ensuring we maintain our responsibilities to what we consider 'right' and 'necessary'. Our values are:

Providing a quality craft;

Improving sustainability of our business and natural world;

Ensuring a personalised approach to service;

Supporting the local and small business community

To ensure we remain within our commitment to our values, we proudly offer the following options for products:

Palm Free and Palm Oil Investigations endorsed


Australian Owned

Offer vegan options

Supporting Local Farmers

Small Business

Sustainable and Environmentally Focused

Community-Support Focused

Socially Responsible

Low Waste producing business

In 2020 alone, we did the following:


Soaps were donated to local charities around our area. Plus, additional donations of items or products.


Donated to bushfire relief via the Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund.


Raised for CanTeen, helping support young people living with cancer.


COVID care packs were sent out to spread kindness and compassion over this year.


Sponsored animals: Lily the Slow Loris, as well as Memo, Pingky, Krismon, and Ambon the Orangutans. Alongside various donations to environmental and animal protection organisations across the world.


New employment positions created: With a focus on hiring from our local community, paying above award to ensure a liveable wage, and ensuring our employees feel comfortable in our small team.


Products went plastic-free: All balms and creams, as well as liquid hand and body soap.


Trophy: Urthly Organics was the recipient of the Bendigo Sustainability Group 2020 Business and Innovation Award (<10FTE)

Many of these achievements are a part of an ongoing initiative. But our passion to improve will never finish. Our responsibility to the world is an evolving journey.


Some of our 2021 Progress (updated August 6th):


Trees Planted: to offset the carbon footprint of every order (and more).


Award nomination progressions to finals or semi-finals: for our commitment to sustainability, and improving employee mental wellbeing.


Raised: for the Ellis Park Wildlife Sanctuary.


Raised: for The Thin Green Line Foundation. 


Application Pending: For B Corporation recognition of an ethical, sustainable and socially responsible business. Since March 2021, we have improved our B Corp assessment rating from 83.4, to 90.5 by June 2021! Our goal was to reach 85. 


Increase: in customers refilling, reusing and recycling their UO packaging through our business. 


Towards Zero Single-use Plastic: We have eliminated majority of our single use plastic from the business, including in the manufacturing, shipping, packaging, and distribution of products. Our most recent change was the phase out of our vinyl labels on creams. 


Local Person: hired into Urthly Organics.


Covid Care Packs Sold: spreading kindness and warming hearts across Australia. 

With what we have achieved so far, there is no way we are slowing down. We are constantly aiming to do better. This includes further sustainability adaptations, incorporating innovative plastic-free solutions, increasing awareness of our refill program, and doing our bit for the world.

We hope this provides you with understanding of how we are changing the skincare and cleaning product game for good. If you'd like further information or wish to provide feedback, please read to our Code of Ethics or email hello@urthlyorganics.com.au .