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How to Enjoy Natural Deodorant Blocks

This is an ongoing series part of our Shelf Secrets blog. Within this series, the blogs aim to share ideas towards ensuring you make the most out of your handcrafted products. Improving the longevity of your skincare by reducing unnecessary wastage, and also saving you money. 

Urthly Organics creates deodorant blocks that are vegan-friendly and bi-carb free (Organics, 2021). Bi-carb soda can cause abrasion and irritation of the skin when applied directly (Falcone, 2017).  To ensure sensitivity is less likely to occur, alternatives have been used to create the deodorant blocks. 

While the blocks may be harder at room temperatures to ensure shelf life across Australian climates, the mixture can soften fast.  The kinds of butter used in the products melt at below body temperature (35.C) (Anderson, 2015). These moisturise the skin and soften the product easily for usability. 

However, the deodorant blocks do receive some questioning on how to best use and store their product. To help answer this question, here are some suggestions to make the most of your natural deodorant block.


5 Ways to Save your Soap - UrthlyOrganics Natural ethical skincare and cleaning

5 Ways to Save your Soap

We’ve all been there beforeYou get a brand-new skincare product, only to have it for one or two uses till it’s gone. Some has melted away, it’s stuck in the packaging, or you used heaps to get the intended effect. For many, this happens with handmade soaps. To help you get better use from your handmade soaps, here are some of our key tips to keep your soap going strong for longer.

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