Our Impact

Planet Before Profit

With over 20+ years in the soapmaking industry, Urthly Organics’ mission is to put ‘planet over profit’. Attempting to remain at the forefront of sustainable skincare and cleaning, we are thoughtful about our impacts physically, environmentally, and socially. Our mindfulness as a business allows you to can relax knowing that what you are choosing is ethical.

At Urthly Organics, we are:

Certified Palm Free


Australian Owned

Vegan Options Available

Supporting Local Farmers

Small Business

Socially Responsible

Community-Support Focused

 Sustainable and Environmentally Focused

Low Waste Producing Business

In 2020 alone, we did the following:

  • 1,086 Soaps were donated to local charities around our area. Plus, additional donations of items or products.
  • $1000 Donated to bushfire relief via the Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund.
  • $557 Raised for CanTeen, helping support young people living with cancer.
  • 82 COVID care packs were sent out to spread kindness and compassion over this year.
  • 5 Sponsored animals: Lily the Slow Loris, as well as Memo, Pingky, Krismon, and Ambon the Orangutans. Alongside various donations to environmental and animal protection organisations across the world.
  • 4 New employment positions created: With a focus on hiring from our local community, paying above award to ensure a liveable wage, and ensuring our employees feel comfortable in our small team.
  • 8 Products went plastic-free: All balms and creams, as well as liquid hand and body soap.

Many of these achievements are a part of an ongoing initiative. But our passion to improve will never finish. Our responsibility to the world is an evolving journey. We are also aiming for:

  • Increasing carbon offsetting, as well as supporting carbon-neutral businesses in the process.
  • Improving consumer awareness of our recycling and refill options on our product packaging.
  • Committing to going entirely single-use plastic-free by 2023 (we are approximately 95% the way there).

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