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    Essential Facial Oil

    Regular price $40.00 Sale $45.00
    Pure luxurious oil, blended with gorgeous rose, frankincense, myrrh and lavender essential oils. Oil beneficial for moisturising, hydrating, refining pores,...
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    Toilet Bombs {Bag of 6} seconds

    These are seconds and will clean just as good as the good looking ones!  Clean you toilet the natural way....
  • Heavenly shower rock

    Regular price $8.00
    Place this shower rock in the corner of your shower out of direct water flow. The spray will hit the...
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    Lavender and Rosemary Shampoo Soap (Bundle of 2 Circular)

    Regular price $15.00 Sale $19.90
    Limited Release The same soap shampoo bar, that is less rough around the edges. And in bundles of two so...
  • Cleaning Paste

    Clean your home the natural way.  Scented with lemon myrtle and eucalyptus this all purpose cleaning paste will clean any...
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    Lemongrass and Thyme Deodorant block

    These limited edition deodorant blocks smell fresh. The lemongrass and thyme are both strong smells, perfect for concealing odor. And...
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    Cleaning Solution

    Clean your home the natural way. In a glass bottle, the surface solution is an alternative to commercial cleaning products. ...
  • Australian Outback *charity soap

    Regular price $15.00
    Limited Edition Every month we donate 90 soaps to a local charity organisation in Bendigo. These soaps vary, creating some...
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