Support Through Skincare

Support Through Skincare

At Urthly Organics, we aim to put the planet before profit to ensure a sustainable future for the social and natural world. We do this in a range of ways including making products by hand, advocating against palm oil, and removing single-use plastic from our range. However, one of our favourite things to do to change the world is to collaborate. Supporting others to create a cleaner future allows the sharing of knowledge, an increased impact, and a sense of community in our actions to protect the planet. 
Within this issue, we explore four different people or places you assist when you Support Small and choose Urthly Organics. Because every time you purchase an Urthly Organics product, you in turn help keep small businesses afloat. 
Farmers and Growers
Urthly Organics could not be possible without our producers. Many of whom we know on a personal level. This can include our olive oil, goat milk, camel milk, calendula petals, and our eucalyptus essential oils. 
Eucalyptus and Peppermint soap. Goat milk and manuka soap.

Our Eucalyptus & Peppermint soap uses Victorian Eucalyptus and Olive Oil. 

Our Goat Milk & Manuka soap uses Victorian goat milk, alongside honey from two different businesses in Victoria or Tasmania. These honey businesses help rescue bees. 


Not for Profit Organisations and Initiatives 
Charitable organisations across the world constantly rely on donations to continue running. We contribute money to various organisations that focus on environmental protection, social support, and wildlife rehabilitation. In three of our ongoing products, we even donate profits directly to the causes. 

Our Thin Green Line Foundation Soap donates profits to supporting Wildlife Rangers and their families.

Our Ellis Park Soap donates profits to supporting the rehabilitation and sanctuary of rescued wildlife in Indonesia. 


The Bendigo and Surrounding Community
Urthly Organics employs local, supports local, and encourages people to shop local. When choosing to shop within the community, we ensure others are kept afloat. Especially, with COVID impacting tourism, craft markets, and shopping accessibility. 

Our Cotton Soap Pouches and Wooden Soap Decks are handmade by a local people in Bendigo. Creating jobs and opportunity in the local economy.  

Artists and creatives
Art is an important influence in everyone’s lives. However, many artists go without payment, recognition, or ownership rights to their work. We love to acknowledge our artists and their work. Including Claire, our graphic designer. When you choose Urthly Organics, you know that the work used has been paid, recognised, and is used in discretion with the artist’s wishes.
 Pet soap

Our labels and our speciality designs are mostly created by Claire. 

Our Pet Soap design (and this blog) was created by Jemille.

Most of our designs are paintings by Julie's Mum, named Kay.

If you would like to learn more about our makers, artists, and impacts, we have a wide range of information available. Please visit the following below:
About Us
Our Impact
Products with Purpose
Supporting Local
We hope you have enjoyed this article. 
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