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Soap On A Rope

Soap On A Rope

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A big whopping 200g bar of soap moulded onto a 100% cotton rope. Hang the bar in the shower to drain and dry between uses.

Fits nicely in the hand and the rope around your wrist, no more dropping the soap in the shower!.

Tarzan Handcrafted with love using: Saponified oils (olive, coconut, castor, cocoa butter), essential oils (patchouli, cedarwood, bergamot, aniseed), charcoal, Australian magnatite and kaolin clay.

Jane Handcrafted with love using: Saponified oils (olive, coconut, castor, cocoa butter), essential oils (spearmint, rose geranium, cinnamon), Australian pink clay and kaolin clay.

Australian Soap that is good for the environment, community and your skin. Handcrafted with all-natural ingredients, you'll be left feeling nourished, moisturised and fresh.

Tarzan Smells like: Peppery with a citrus note.

Jane Smells like: A warm floral sunny day.

This soap is:

> Certified palm free.

> Cruelty Free and Vegan Friendly.

> Natural.

> Supporting Australian local businesses, growers, and communities.

> Suitable for all skin types. No exfoliant.

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