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8 Soaps

8 Soaps

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Pick your mix or let us pack up a random selection of our Soap Range* for you. They will be shipped naked in our small shipping box or loose in the shipping box if you order other items also.

If you would like a particular scent or require vegan options, please mention this in the order notes.

 * Eligible Soap scents can include:

Aniseed + Charcoal
Camel Milk + Manuka Honey (no nut oils) (non-vegan)
Camel Milk + Spearmint (no nut oils) (non-vegan)
Cinnamon + Orange
Peppermint + Eucalyptus
Kaffir Lime + Patchouli
Lavender + Oatmeal (no nut oils)
Lemon Myrtle + Poppy Seed
Lemon Scented Eucalyptus - Castile (no nut oils)
Goat Milk + Manuka Castile (no nut oils) (non-vegan)
Patchouli + Hemp
Lavender + Patchouli
Rose Geranium + Cinnamon
Tradie Soap
Foot Soap (no nut oils)
Gardeners Soap (no nut oils)
Pet Soap
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