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Hand + Body Wash

Hand + Body Wash

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Australian Skincare that is good for the environment, community and your skin. Handcrafted with all-natural ingredients, you'll be left feeling nourished, moisturised and fresh.

Lemon Myrtle or Australian Bush in 500g pump bottle (that can be reused), 500g/1L plastic free tin or 5L bulk purchase. 

Lemon Myrtle:

Smells like: Fresh lemon myrtle leaves.

Handcrafted with love using saponified oils (olive, sunflower, coconut, *hemp seed), essential oils (lemon myrtle). *organic ingredient.

Aussie Bush:

Smells like: Walking through the Australian Bush

Handcrafted with love using saponified oils (olive, sunflower, coconut, *hemp seed), essential oils (lemon scented ironbark, eucalyptus, rosemary, tea tree, thyme). *organic ingredient.

* Certified organic ingredient

Available in 500ml or 1L

Refill your existing pump bottle by using a funnel or jug, make sure lid is put back on tin tightly (a hammer helps!) to eliminate air getting in and drying out your remaining wash. Tins are opened easily with a flat screw driver or paint tin opener (a butter knife is also handy!)

We also sell 500ml pump bottles separately.  These are amber coloured and come with no label. Our bottles are ethically sourced from Ant Packaging, Australia's first carbon neutral plastics factory. Ant Packaging make new plastics out of old.




This body wash is:

> Certified palm free by Orangutan Alliance and endorsed by Palm Oil Investigations.

> Cruelty Free and Vegan Friendly.

> Natural.

> Supporting Australian local businesses, growers, and communities.

>Refillable packaging, plastic free refills.

> Suitable for normal to oily skin types. Low exfoliant.

Want to look after your soap? Read our Self Secrets tips on how to increase longevity at:

For further information on our ingredients, please visit our Products with Purpose blog at:

Allergen information

We recommend completing a patch test prior to use if you have sensitivities.

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